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Posted By: Lloyd Mecca
Posted On: Thursday July 23, 2020 at 11:08 PM
(PICS) Like this...

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Message thread:

New from GLM via Double D by Thomas Dirnberger #28473
1958 Cadillac ..weit by Goldvarg.. (EOM) by renato camesasca #28473.1
On the '58, what are the dark things on top of the front fenders? by Harvey Goranson #28473.2
58Cadillac by Thomas Dirnberger #28473.2.1
I found these vents for sale (pic) on a replacement market on the web. With id removed, here by David Holcombe #28473.2.2.1
Harv, even the old Brooklin 27 had those vents atop the fenders. As for by Rick Thompson #28473.2.3
Thanks Tom and Rick - they just seem to be hugely prominent. (EOM) by Harvey Goranson #28473.2.3.1
Rick, the 58 Fleetwood 60 Special also had these vents, not by Bob Jackman #28473.2.3.2
Thanks, Bob. I never traveled in Eldorado Brougham or Fleetwood 60 Special by Rick Thompson #28473.
Rick, Believe me I didn't see these on a regular basis either. I had to go to the archives by Bob Jackman #28473.
That car has so much class it should be painted black (EOM) by John Munro #28473.2.4
(PICS) Like this... by Lloyd Mecca #28473.2.4.1
I know, but they are all sold out. (EOM) by Peter Hart #28473.
To further illustrate... by Jani Bodmann #28473.2.5
Isn't the GLM spinoff doing a version of this? (EOM) by Joe Libricz #28473.3

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