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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Saturday August 1, 2020 at 8:21 AM
BRK's 1956 Plymouth Fury (pics)
(For the full story of a first Fury, see

Plymouth sharply challenged the traditional low-priced three marketing strategy of the Big Three in 1955. Styling was clean and contemporary and it had its first-ever V-8 engine. Thanks to the "Forward Look," all Chrysler brands showed huge sales gains in 1955 over 1954, especially Plymouth. And for 1956 Plymouth tried even harder.

A new four-door hardtop body style, 12-volt electrical systems, improved door latches, pushbutton controls on the dash for the available PowerFlite automatic transmission, a designed-and-engineered-by-Plymouth V-8 (instead of the one "borrowed" from Dodge for 1955), and the rear quarter panels were sharply creased at their top into a pair of fins that made the '56 Plymouth look much longer than the '55, though in reality the '56 was only one inch longer.

But that wasn't all. In the early months of 1956, when Ma Mopar liked to introduce "spring specials" with new colors and features to bring potential buyers into the showrooms, the "special" that wore a Plymouth badge was the Fury, an Eggshell White two-door hardtop that wore lots of eye-grabbing gold anodized trim inside and out. It had full instrumentation on its dash ( at least a very good set of gauges by 1956 standards), vinyl upholstery (with gold threads) covering its "chair-high" seats, and a high-horsepower version of the new "Hy-Fire" Plymouth V-8. Made by Chrysler Canada Limited, this 303-cubic-inch "Polyspherical" engine delivered 240 horsepower in stock form, or 270 hp when fitted with Ma Mopar's "High Performance Package," Plymouth's first-ever power kit (comprising two four-barrel carburetors on an aluminum intake, special air cleaners, a high-performance camshaft and lifters, a hand choke kit, plus all needed hardware) that joined the option list in the spring of 1956.

Instantly, the car that had been the (perceived) favorite of old maid school teachers and librarians, now looked like something you'd see Playboy Magazine's "Playmate of the Month" driving. The Fury -which sat an inch lower than "regular" Plymouths- helped Plymouth hang on to fourth place in the U.S. sales race in 1956 (trailing Chevy, Ford, and Buick), even though its sales were down 37 percent from 1955. Sales were down for just about every U.S. car maker that year, following a record-smashing year in 1955.

And eventually Brooklin provided Fury admirers with a fine 1:43 model.

Mine has been a favorite for several years, and as I was photographing it last night, I noticed it's showing some wear to the gold anodized siding (BRK decals). It still sits front and center for me.

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