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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Thursday September 3, 2020 at 12:42 PM
My little good luck tale re the FM Skyliner (post 28691 below)
I couldn't resist telling you my good luck story.

Maybe about 6 or 7 years ago someone posted pics of their Franklin Mint '59 Skyliner on the Forum, and I rather belatedly decided I really wanted one.

"Hard to find" would be putting it mildly. For several months I looked online regularly, and every now and then I would hit on an eBay auction that had just closed, with the model usually going for around $90-$100 (plus $24 Priority US Mail).

Eventually one day I decided to persevere beyond the first one or two pages of Google "hits", and on about page 9 or 10 I found someone in the American Mid-West offering what they claimed was a mint, boxed example for just $30. Shipping to U.S. only.

The seller's other items were all baseball pennants or something like that, so I figured they weren't a model collector and maybe they really didn't know the going rate, so I decided to take a chance. I e-mailed the seller saying that I sometimes got models sent from the States by surface mail and it cost about $11-$12 at that time. So if I offered $20 for shipping, would he make an exception?

Back came the answer. "No problem".

When the package arrived, the model was indeed in perfect mint condition. Not just in its original, unmarked box but still wrapped in the original protective tissue paper! The accompanying leaflet was unmarked and uncreased.

A great acquisition for just $50 including international shipping. A good deal, or what?

If anyone is inspired to go looking for one now, I wish you luck. It's a pretty unique little 1:43 item - and the roof mechanism really works!

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Message thread:

My little good luck tale re the FM Skyliner (post 28691 below) by Graeme Ogg #28696
Good find, Graeme! And your hard hunt paid off. Mine (pic) has been a favorite for by David Holcombe #28696.1
Here's mine. I found a second one at a nearby estate sale a few years ago. by Harvey Goranson #28696.1.1
What a great story, Graeme. so glad you found that car. by David Knight #28696.2
Kudos to you !! What a great acquisition for your collection ! (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28696.2.1
At $50 you beat the original FM subscription price by $5. (EOM) by John Quilter #28696.3
Hey John this sounds like my pay - always a downward spiral LOL! by Chris Sweetman #28696.3.1

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