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Posted By: John Merritt
Posted On: Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 9:10 PM
PICs - From My Collection - '61 Lincoln
I considered this model for quite awhile, from the photos I'd seen, it looked a little off. Just recently I came across one at a good price I couldn't resist, so I picked it up. Overall, it's not bad but now in person, I still think it is a bit off. The most noticeable is the chrome around front wheel well, way to thick and it makes the fender look too shallow, which It may be anyway. With that, there aren't a lot of options for the '61 Lincoln. That surprises me because a model of this significance needs to be modeled to a higher degree by someone. Of course, if that already happened, then I might not be aware of it at the moment.

1961 Lincoln Continental 4dr Sedan
-Bos Models

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Message thread:

PICs - From My Collection - '61 Lincoln by John Merritt #28723
Thought I had a different one, but these two are all I can find. (pic) I'll go a-hunting. by David Holcombe #28723.1
Minichamps made a real effort to get this Lincoln SS-100X details right. by Mark Lampariello #28723.1.1
Agreed. There needs to be a good one. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #28723.2
Jeez, I agree on the wheel trim too. And, in addition, I think the roofline is too low and the by Steve Jakubczak #28723.2.1
Are the tires a bit too big also ? (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #28723.2.1.1
I think a thinner white wall would help that model. (EOM) by Shel Platt #28723.
I'm just gonna have to soldier on with my Tekno and its Mustang wheels. by Harvey Goranson #28723.
Nice!! - and in red pic by Karl Schnelle #28723.
Greenlight's '65 (pics) by Barry Levittan #28723.3
Corgi made a Limo also, about 1966? by Harvey Goranson #28723.3.1
IXO made a Lehmann-Peterson limo of the 67 and the Bond collection had a 64 by Jay Golan #28723.3.1.1
Blackwash on the grille and rear panel insert will also improve model fidelity (EOM) by Stanton Lyman #28723.4
Also, an important design detail is missing: curved side glass...*PIC*... by John Sharisky #28723.4.1
I bought this BOS model too. Still hoping someone else makes a better attempt. (EOM) by Jay Golan #28723.5

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