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Posted By: John Kuliak
Posted On: Thursday September 10, 2020 at 11:10 AM
1909 racing car coming from Autocult
For fans of early, 'white-tire' models, Autocult has scheduled the Laurin & Klement FCR from 1909. You can see it on their website, autocult-models.de

Laurin & Klement was a pioneering Czech auto company, later purchased by the Skoda Works conglomerate, and the cars rebranded as Skodas.

This is a lovely model of a successful early racing car. Fans of such things should jump now as Autocult only makes 333 pieces of their releases.

Autocult has produced many, many cars from Czechoslovakia. It has been a successful niche for them for sure.

Prewar Czechoslovakian cars, especially the ones from Tatra and Aero, were technically very advanced. Even Ferdinand Porsche stole/borrowed many of his design themes from those companies!

Czech automotive history, pre-WW2, is fascinating. It can be hard to research, since so little is published in the English language.

Had the country not been overrun so many times by invading nations during the 20th Century, the Czech influence on automotive design and technology would be better known.


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