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Posted By: Jani Bodmann
Posted On: Thursday September 10, 2020 at 1:17 PM
Something new (pics)
Something I just had to get. Though not marketed as one, likely to dodge any licensing issues, there is no mistaking that this is supposed to be the tanker truck from Steven Spielberg's 1971 feature film debut "Duel." I've loved the movie since I first saw it and the iconic truck is one of the greatest villain machines ever put on screen.

When IXO put out their model of a '56 Peterbilt 281 just recently, I immediately thought it would be cool to have the Duel truck, and surprisingly that's exactly what they did. And while not 100% accurate, it's still at least 90% there, so no biggie for sure. It only misses the actual tanker that would complete this thing, but this is already certainly more than I thought I'd ever see.

I like the dimmed chrome, the smudged windows, the rusty texture of the cab and really appreciate they went to the extent of adding those little details from the movie truck, like that little mirror over the radiator and the multiple (non-movie accurate) license plates over the bumper. And other than a struggle with a particularly aggravating screw, this is definitely a very cool piece I'm happy to have.

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