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Posted By: John Daniels
Posted On: Tuesday September 15, 2020 at 3:43 PM
Chrome Trim?
Hi Guys
I do not have any of the finished models with chrome plate like trim. What I do have is a NEO 1/43 Dodge Polara kit. It has the foil trim printed on paper and the windshield is flat with a black outline. I assume but not sure the foil is a water slide decal. It seems to me that foil printing directly on a compound surface on a resin model might have heat problems plus the tooling would be expensive. It would be more difficult than the example since the heating surface (tool) would have to match the shape of the trim and the shape of the body. Attached also is a picture of a foil waterslide decal. The artwork for this was done by a friend of mine and it was printed (foiled?) by Cartograph. I would like to understand better how the this process works.

This kit also has some photo etched parts that I think are for the side widow trim. No Instructions with the kit.

Windows are flat plastic with a black outline

Decal Chrome stripes my friends says the will conform to some compund surfaces like a regular decal.

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