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Posted By: Graeme Ogg
Posted On: Monday October 5, 2020 at 8:45 AM
David, where have you BEEN for the past 18 months?
How can you possibly have missed all the desperate bleating on this forum from people like me lamenting that this Kess De Soto (first revealed to the world at Nuremberg 2 years ago) might never make it into production? Our lives and future happiness now depend on Carmodel telling the truth that they will be shipping it from 15 October.

By the way, strictly speaking this 1960 model wasn't actually the last De Soto. That was the 1961 car, with its truly hideous new front end.

Fortunately, just 43 days after the new models were shown for the first time, Chrysler Corp decided to pull the plug on the ailing De Soto brand. A tragedy for De Soto lovers, a small mercy for the rest of us.

Roll on October 15th.

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Message thread:

The last DeSoto (pic), coming from Kess by David Holcombe #28865
David, where have you BEEN for the past 18 months? by Graeme Ogg #28865.1
I am still suffering from separation anxiety every time I think about the DeSoto and the Edsel. (EOM) by David Knight #28865.1.1
Sorry, Graeme. This caught my attention this morning and so I posted. If by David Holcombe #28865.1.2
That's OK. I know you will be praying for me on October 15 (EOM) by Graeme Ogg #28865.1.2.1
But isn't the last DeSoto the 1961 with the canted headlamps and double grill? by John Quilter #28865.2
Here's the '61 DeSoto by Conquest. by Harvey Goranson #28865.2.1
I wish Conquest had done the '61 Desoto with the side windows by Ken Spear #28865.2.1.1

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