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Posted By: Harvey Goranson
Posted On: Wednesday October 14, 2020 at 10:28 AM
Changes at Brooklin as described in Model Auto Review by Maz Wooley.
A short announcement to Brooklin Club members has revealed that changes to the British model industry have been going on quietly in the background. Readers will be aware that Nicola Bulgari , famous for his car collections in the US and Italy and his multinational jewellery company, bought Brooklin about five years ago. Since then significant changes have been made to Brooklin products with new ranges, and a steadily increasing level of detail being incorporated in the models at the cost of much higher prices.

Keith Williams of SMTS (Scale Model Technical Services) has confirmed that Nicola Bulgari bought SMTS in spring this year and has since re-organised Brooklin with Simon Elford of SMTS taking the lead management role there. Bulgari are also involving their marketing and management team in Italy with supporting both companies.

SMTS is recognised as being makers of very highly detailed manufactured products in a range of materials and have focused on the industrial process making models and components for a wide range of businesses, many outside the field of model collection. They manufacture models for several ranges, Conquest Models for example, as well as producing their own highly regarded kits. No changes to the operations at SMTS are currently envisaged.

As Brooklin and SMTS are both private companies there is no pressure to make press announcements to the stock market so this change has been happening in the background and even one of Brooklin's leading retailers has only been aware of changes for a few weeks. We understand that Nigel Parker who has been involved with Brooklin from 1982 onwards, and was co-owner from 1998, is no longer Managing Director. As there has been no full statement about changes at Brooklin we do not know if he has taken on another role or left the company.

Keith Williams of SMTS is very positive about the prospects for the companies which will continue to run as two separate entities saying that:

"The blending of Brooklin's larger workforce and volume production techniques with our more hands-on model-making skills, digital modelling abilities (3D printing etc) and our full business to business order book should be a marriage made in heaven....",

MAR Online hopes that the changes being made will help Brooklin to continue to grow and improve its products and that it will become profitable enough for its owner to continue to invest in the company. If we become aware of any more detailed announcements we will share them with our readers.

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