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Posted By: BenD Lampson
Posted On: Friday October 16, 2020 at 6:20 PM
Actually, they don't........Did you know that in Canada, it is legal to be a female prostitute, but
it is illegal to be a male 'John', or customer?

But that isn't all of it. It is also illegal to be a male prostitute, but it is legal to be a female 'John'.

That is the law in many other countries and that law is heading our way here to the United States.

Did you know in France, if a man suspects that his kids are not his because his wife was unfaithful, he CAN NOT administer a DNA test on his children unless his wife approves of the test?
If he does perform the test without his wifes consent, he will be made to pay a very hefty fine, and serve time in prison.

Did you know the VAWA law (Violence Against Women Act) clearly states that police must arrest the 'bigger' person when responding to a domestic violence call?
It doesn't matter who the violent one was.
Bigger meaning the larger person. (weight/height)

Did you also know that women get lenient treatment from the police, courts and judges for the same crime that men do?
Many studies were done and proven that for the same crime, women are more likely not to be arrested, and/or get lower bail/bond than men, and get much shorter sentences for the same crime than men.

Did you know that women get custody of the children 85% of the time in divorce proceedings?

the reason for that is judges assume that children belong to their mothers.

I had a male friend a few years back, that his wife left him for another man and left for another state, leaving him and his children. It was her wealthy boss that she left with. (shocker, huh?)

He was laid off his job, and went to the welfare office and told them he was a single dad with no income.

The lady welfare worker told him that he was the wrong gender, and she couldn't help him, but she did give him a list of available jobs in the area.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

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