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Posted By: graham price
Posted On: Friday December 4, 2009 at 7:51 AM
Some of you may have wondered over the years 'what happened to the other models that Minimarque 43 (by the late Richard Briggs) used to produce?'. Well I can reassure those collectors out there that those models i.e. Auburn Cord Duesenbergs etc are slowly coming back into production after a long absence. The models will be manufactured by the original builder (myself) and will be clearly marked on the box as Minimarque 43 by GTA Models. Many of you will not have heard of me before, but some of the earliest work carried out by me was in 1982 for MM43 with the release of MM43's 1955 Chevrolet. Since then I have been a sub contract manufacturer and processer for many well known names in the industry, Minimarque 43, Top Marques,Spacroft,Pathfinder,Crossway,Kenna to name but a few.Future releases will include the Auburn Cabin Speedster and the 1932 Duesenberg Boattail Torpedo.

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Message thread:

MINIMARQUE 43 'THE OTHER HALF' by graham price #8597
Graham, thanks for the information, we shall look forward to further updates. by Dick Browne #8597.1Moderator
Graham, its a pleasure to have you join the Forum! The models you by Randall Olson #8597.2
wow! you honor us. Your Auburn Cabin Speedster was the only by Crittenden Rumford #8597.2.1
"Automobile Quarterly" did an article on the Auburn Cabin Speedster, by Rick Thompson #8597.2.1.1
Just found it online...Vol. 25, No. 3. Interesting article on this fabulous car. by Rick Thompson #8597.
There is a full-size replica at the ACD Museum in Auburn, IN. (EOM) by Dick Browne #8597.
. (EOM) by Crittenden Rumford #8597.2.2
MiniMarque43 by David Sinclair #8597.3
Then you would likely contact Bob@dominionmodels.com or buz@route66modelcarstore.com (EOM) by Thomas Kinney #8597.3.1
Chevrolet Impala US 56F 1887 with Continental kit by rob amos #8597.4

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