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Censorship on the Bulletin Boards

This is a moderated forum, which means all posts are reviewed. The reviewers will delete posts that contain objectionable profanity or otherwise seriously transgress social propriety. The reviewers understand that this hobby can enflame passions, but require that their expression stay within the bounds of civility.

Posts that are considered by our moderators to be a personal attack on another visitor will be deleted, as will posts that our moderators deem as intended to provoke an exchange that contains personally offensive remarks.

Unless you are a Forum Editor, kindly refrain from using ALL CAPS in your headlines or the body of your posts.

The advertising or posting of private sales, retail sites or auction sites other than Diecast Zone auctions and Legacy Motors is prohibited.

Auction Gripes

Our forums may not be used to vilify an individual with whom you may have engaged in an auction transaction, either through our Auctions or any other. Why?

ZONE AUCTIONS, unlike any other, are supervised by one or more Auctioneers, i.e. real humans. These real humans attempt to resolve problems between buyer and seller. Note, we didn't say guarantee. But we try. The appropriate response if you feel you've been "taken" is to notify our Auctioneer, who will investigate and try to effect an equitable resolution.

On occasion, our Auctioneer will decide that one party appears to be at fault and will remove that party's Auction privileges for a period of time he deems appropriately severe.

By the way, that's one of the reasons to prefer selling on the Zone Auctions.

If you have a gripe on eBay, resolve it on eBay. They allow you to post negative comments against the other party to your auction. Seems ineffective to us, but it must have sounded good to you at the time. If you used yet another auction source, and were unhappy with the outcome, well... just don't use our forums as your sounding board. The visitors to our forums do not want to become embroiled in a controversy over a transaction that neither they, nor we were party to.


The reviewers are not employees of the site owners andexercise their own judgment, so we can take no responsibility for any presumed loss from a deleted post.



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