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  Download Hints

The Bulletin Board is among the most popular features of this site. It's so popular we have to automatically delete all but the most recent posts. We also use the nation's largest bandwidth ISP to host the site. You can help your download time with these tips.

  1. Busiest hours for usage are between 6 PM - 12 PM. Our server can handle lots of interaction instantaneously, but only a finite number at any given moment. HINT: Try other times of day.
  2. If you try to retrieve a post before the headline list is fully downloaded, you're asking your computer and our server to multi-task and you require too much information to be transmitted over your phone line. HINT: either a) let headline list download completely or b) try hitting stop on your browser, to stop headline download, before retrieving or making a post.
  3. On any given day, internet traffic may be excessive and will affect the speed of your download. HINT: Good day to tackle some chores around the house.

How do I read messages?

Scroll down the outline. Find a headline that interests you and click on it. The full text message associated with that headline will magically appear. The number of responses to a message is listed under the column marked "replies". When you click on the message, you will be able to read all the responses.

How do I post a response?

At the top and bottom right hand corner of each message, you will find "Post Reply." Just click on the button and an *Input Form* will appear on which you can compose your response. Please keep in mind that you will be responding to the message shown on that page. If you want to respond to a different message, you must go to that page.

How do I start a new subject?

After selecting a forum, you can click on the New Thread button at the top of the list of messages. You also have the option to start a new subject while reading a message. Click on the New Thread button in the top or bottom right hand corner of the message. The *Input Form* will appear, ready to start a new subject.

How do I compose a message?

After clicking on New Thread. Just fill out the *Input Form*.

When done, just click on "Submit Message" and your message will be posted. If you would like to preview your post, press "Preview Message" If you want to change it, no problem! The *Input Form* where you can make your change is provided below. If no change is required, click on "Submit Message."

What happens after I hit "Submit Message"

When you click on "Submit Message" you will be directed to your Message. To return to the complete list of messages, click on the name of the forum you are on after "Diecast Zone Forums >" above the message.

You should be able to read your post either as the first in the outline or if you responded to a specific message, then right below the message to which you responded.

What are the terms for selling on the Forum?

If you want to sell on the Zone Forums, then please first remit 10% of your asking price. These fees go to support the website. You can PAY ONLINE or mail your check, payable to Legacy Diecast Models, to:

Legacy Diecast Models
166 Sparrowbush Rd
Suite 4
Latham, NY 12110

How can I add a photo to my post?

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions.

How do I add a link to my post to launch a new window?

To add a link to a website, for example, Legacy Motors, and have it open a new browser window when clicked, create your link in the following fashion:

<a href="https://www.legacydiecast.com/" target="_new">Legacy Motors</a>


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