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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Saturday December 2, 2017 at 3:30 PM
PIC: Some old automotive history,

MOLL. It was a company founded in 1922 as the Moll-Werke Chemnitz. They were well-financed and built an entirely new, modern automobile manufacturing company in the town of Ebersdorf as well as automobile-body manufacturing shop in Oberlichtenau. They built medium-size cars with engines by Siemens-Halske and even though the cars were not remarkable, they were unsually reliable and built to exacting standards. This was a well-organized, well planned operation which had, despite the horrid conditions prevailing managed to accumulate enough capital to facilitate the production of high quality automobiles and to furnish well-paid employment to several hundred highly trained technicians. It was 1923, that Moll decided to introduce a simple Micro Car in order to take advantage of the burgeoning market for such machines. In order to do it right, they hired Micro Car specialist Fritz G�rke and instructed him to design a viable, simple vehicle for them to augment their regular line of mid-sized cars. G�rke designed that which was his specialty - a tandem 2 seater, actually more of a bodied motor cycle with 4 wheels, powered by the ubiquitous 200-cc DKW 2-stroke single cylinder engine, so popular at the times. This little `car�, called the Mollmobil was built successfully for almost three years until the financial strangulation of Germany by the brutal French and British put an end to this so promising enterprise.

1898 the first Renault Type A

fold away spare tire

This car was made for spectating at the races 1911

Walter G. Macombers seven cylinder rotary engine car

Walter G. Macombers seven cylinder rotary engine car

Elfe Cycle car

Elfe Cycle car

The first car made by Opel


1898 the first speed record for an electric car

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Message thread:

PIC: Some old automotive history, by Dick Johnson #35969
Thanx for the history lesson. I'm a big fan. (EOM) by Michael Rodriguez #35969.1
Speaking of collapsible spare tires, Porsche has one that sells for $750 and doesn't come with a by Frank Kocour #35969.2

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