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Posted By: Dennis Mong
Posted On: Wednesday August 15, 2018 at 5:56 PM
Post Office Refuses to Return my Photo ... For the Life of Me - I Just Don't Understand

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Message thread:

What does everyone look like? We all share words. How about faces? by John Roberts #38645
I can't believe I haven't any recent photos of myself... (pic) by John Merritt #38645.1
PIC: JR's resized by John Kuvakas #38645.2Moderator
PIC: Here's Rick Thompson's pic by John Kuvakas #38645.3Moderator
Pic: Kelly and me by John Kuvakas #38645.4Moderator
Post Office Refuses to Return my Photo ... For the Life of Me - I Just Don't Understand (EOM) by Dennis Mong #38645.4.1
That's okay, Dennis. We'll pull it up from the FBI website.... (EOM) by Rick Thompson #38645.4.1.1
LOL ! (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #38645.4.1.2
When did the beard go JK? (EOM) by John Roberts #38645.4.2
Sometime near the end of our stay in France. Kelly says it makes me look like a teenager. by John Kuvakas #38645.4.2.1Moderator
PIC - Lindsay and me by Randall Olson #38645.4.3
No recent picture, so I just snapped this one in the mirror. (pic) by David Holcombe #38645.5
PIC: I'm "Grandpa", "Nana" is my DW aka "the boss", the little guy looking to bolt and raise hell.. by John Bono #38645.6
Great idea, JR! C'mon guys, keep the photos coming. It's nice to see the pics so far. (EOM) by Rick Thompson #38645.7
(Pic) LOL, well, after the young gal named Alice, by Mike DeTorrice #38645.8
I have a choice of my fizog or a failed science expereiment photographed in a Petri dish by Bruce Gibbins #38645.8.1
Last week at a smoothie store with my grandson Dean by David Vandermeer #38645.9
Pic. When you see the smoke, dinner is ready. by Frank Kocour #38645.9.1
That's one heck of a glass of wine Frank! Hang on, I'll be over.. (EOM) by John Roberts #38645.9.1.1
I'll save you some. (EOM) by Frank Kocour #38645.
Or we can bring a bottle!! (EOM) by Jerry Vinson #38645.9.1.2
My Grandson and me by George Burgess #38645.10
PIC: George Burgess and Grandson resized...... by John Bono #38645.10.1
PIC - Here's me with my wife Dianne. by Bill Juffernbruch #38645.11
PIC: Bill and Dianne Juffernbruch resized..... by John Bono #38645.11.1
Thanks. (EOM) by Bill Juffernbruch #38645.11.1.1
Me - doing what I do best at my good friends eatery Jimmy Vees by Ron Dietrich #38645.12
at a Pebble Beach Party by William McElfresh #38645.12.1
PIC: William McElfresh and Lady in Red at Pebble Beach party resized..... by John Bono #38645.12.1.1
Uhhh... by Terence Slekar #38645.13
Last year at Pebble Beach Concours by William McElfresh #38645.14
This is going well I think! Davina and me when we were married... by John Roberts #38645.14.1
PIC: John and Davina Roberts when they were married resized..... by John Bono #38645.14.1.1
Thanks John...I feel better resized! (EOM) by John Roberts #38645.
LOL! (EOM) by John Bono #38645.
Photos by Rand Anderson #38645.15
This is me in the morning, but I do recover after I finish the java. by Jerry Gorsuch #38645.16
Betty and I at The Falls by Jerry Vinson #38645.17
Me, at work - Camera 4 at the Petit LeMans, Road Atlanta by Andy Sixsmith #38645.18

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