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Posted By: George Schire
Posted On: Friday November 30, 2018 at 9:13 PM
Regarding post #39620 below...and the comments that were added to it. The discussion
went from "opinions" to "being sensitive" to others feelings. This got me to reflecting on the continuous "politically correct" movement in our world today.

Before I go further, let me clearly say that I fully agree that when it comes to sensitivity and diversity, we as a society have made some very needed adjustments with regard to both. However, as with most changes, I think it's possible that we've tipped the scales too far to the other side with how far we do it.

With the Christmas season upon us once again, I'm reminded of a few things that have changed with regard to our sharing and enjoying the joy of the season. Things like, we're told not to say "Merry Christmas".

Back in December 2007 when I was still working, two changes were announced with regard to how my employer (a major financial institution) would respond to the season.

Every year prior, we would always have a Christmas party, but that year it was announced that because not every person celebrates Christmas, it would now be a Holiday party.

It went farther than that though. Every year prior as well, the company engaged employees to participate (if they chose to) in the "Secret Santa" game. For those of you who don't know what that is, it goes like this. Employees who choose to participate, have their names drawn at random by other employees who are participating, and then the employees send little (minimal cost gifts) to the person whose name they've drawn. But, the person who gets the gifts doesn't know who it is that drew their name, and the added fun is trying over a period of a couple of weeks to try and guess who your "Secret Santa" is.

This activity was done for years at my company (and others for that matter), and was always received well and looked forward to, by those who chose to participate.

But that December of 2007, the word came down that they would no longer have employees play the "Secret Santa" game.

WHY??? Because it was stated that ONE employee had expressed that because this employee (and family) did not celebrate Christmas, the Secret Santa game was disturbing to them. So, because of this ONE person, objecting to it and finding it offensive the their beliefs, the entire employee base lost out.

It was voluntary that anyone played the game at all.

Usually there were about 100 employee's that played along, but because of this ONE person, and in attempt to not bother the employee, the game was no more.

To that person who had issues with Christmas and the Secret Santa participation, I say it's that person's issue and the rest of the company should not have had to suffer because of it.

This is an example of our PC culture too going to far. We have went way overboard with trying to not insult another person, group, culture, etc. In doing so, we've become a much more hostile and angry world.

As for me, I will continue to celebrate Christmas, say Merry Christmas, and if anyone doesn't like it or has a problem with it....they just have a problem!!!

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