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Posted By: Jack Dodds
Posted On: Sunday February 10, 2019 at 3:59 PM
George, that's it...I'm sending you to the eye doctor; I'm paying.
Its just not possible to not like this era of GM cars! Stated without prejudice. And yes, I'm kidding! LOL

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Message thread:

PICs: Which Pontiac? '61 or '63 by John Bono #40732
Nothing beats a '61 Bubbletop though the '63 is also a nice one. (EOM) by Terry Daly #40732.1
Oh John, you make us choose between two Ponchos. Shame on by Don Anderson #40732.2
I like both, well, maybe the '61 a little bit more. (EOM) by Brian Cox #40732.3
+1. (EOM) by Allan Ording #40732.3.1
Both R Winners ... Each display their own fashion & flavor - I like both (EOM) by Dennis Mong #40732.3.2
I prefer the '63. It seem a lot of people love the '61 Pontiac but I just don't see it. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #40732.4
Barry, I'm with you. Not a fan of any of GM's '61 cars. Too many pointy and flip-up fenders on them by George Schire #40732.4.1
George, that's it...I'm sending you to the eye doctor; I'm paying. by Jack Dodds #40732.4.1.1
'61 please, however any full-size Pontiac '61 to '64 is great for me. (EOM) by Bruce Parsons #40732.5
"61 by a hair. Absolutely love both though...61 thru 64 really.. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #40732.6
'63 for me. Those stacked headlights and that color seal the deal. (EOM) by Michael Rodriguez #40732.7
61 for me (EOM) by David Angeloni #40732.8
1963 (EOM) by Sal Lomma #40732.9
'61 (EOM) by Frank Kocour #40732.10
61 (EOM) by George Burgess #40732.11
1963! Great symmetry in the overall design. Everything flows together. (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #40732.12
Tie - ‘61 for the bubbletop, ‘63 for color & overall design style... (EOM) by Terence Slekar #40732.13
The 61 for me. (EOM) by Dick Johnson #40732.14
Toughest one yet! Love the bubble top, but love all of the 1963. It wins. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #40732.15
1961. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #40732.15.1
Very much like both but really like that yellow '61 (EOM) by John Roberts #40732.16
I like them both. (EOM) by Gary Rockwood #40732.17
Another tough call but the '61 has the edge. (EOM) by John Bono #40732.18
'61 for that gorgeous color combo, if nothing else. Like them both, however. (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #40732.19

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