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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Saturday March 9, 2019 at 3:16 PM
We've made the occasional trips to Singapore since 1982, but since we have had
family living there for the last seven years the visits to this island nation have been ramped up to twice a year.

The changes in Singapore during that time have been extrordinary, The replacement of many parts of Old Singapre by large wonderfuly designed commercial buildings have changed the citys skyline allowing Singapores poulation to grow. During that time, Singapore has been kept litter free, lately by swarms of guest workers removing any litter that may find its way onto Singapores pristine streets.

Big numbers of "Guest Workers" are needed as domestic "Helpers," mainly woman and girls from poorer asian countries. Human rights violations are high, but go largely unreported, because the women dont want to loose their jobs from which most of their income is repatriated back to their home countries. Besides, there are few laws currently covering these abuses.
The other side of this is Singapores restrictions on personal conduct have been lifted and others have been maintained.
Three examples:
When it was popular for men to wear long hair, Singaporean authorities banned long hair on men.
On arrival there foreign visitors were, "encouraged" to have their hair cut before leaving the terminal building at Changi AirPort. Westerners dressing like hippies were gently rousted. No problem now because of the change in fashion.
The reasons for this are too involved to explain here, but understandable.
Singapore has been consistent with some of its laws though that have not changed.
They have a law there that if broken can result in a small number of strikes on the bare ass with a rhatan cane. They say it smarts.
One such crime is causing and afront to personal dignity. An unwelcome patting of a persons behind is covered by this law if, in most cases it's likely to be a female, complains to the authorities about it. An armed officer is often thd first go to guy. Cops also are often seen wearing light machine guns.

A servere punishment is also incured resulting from anybody convicted of flipping another person off.
My daughter tells me that this behaviour too can result in a wack on the toosh, but I think that this is just her putting the frighteners on me - just incase.
Bird flipping is a huge temptation there because the driving behaviors are awful.
I've just remembered: a conviction for drug use, dealing or smuggling results in the death scentence. I don't know how they carry this; out hanging I think.
In Thailand, an hours flight away, the death sentence is, sorry was, until recently, I've just been corrected, carried out by Machine Gun. Mmmm, I wonder what caliber round they used.

Singapre is still one of the safest citys in the world to visit. Cab fares are cheap, but thats about all that is. As Singapores economy has boomed over recent years so have it's prices.

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