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Posted By: John Kuvakas Moderator
Posted On: Saturday March 9, 2019 at 6:14 PM
You missed my apology down at #41115., Bruce.
I never meant to berate your knowledge. I was just trying to let you off the hook if you were unaware of cars like the Mark V. One of the great things about the Lounge is our diversity. We all bring something unique becasue we have diverse opinions and experiences and live in different parts of the world. So, we try to help fill in the blanks for each other. I'm sorry if I misconstrued one of yours.

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Message thread:

PICs: Which '76? Cadillac or Lincoln by John Bono #41133
Whoa! Tough one! I'm going with the Markdorado. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #41133.1Moderator
ELDOMARK VI for me ... WOW .. Very Very Tight selection ... Eldo by the tiniest hair (EOM) by Dennis Mong #41133.1.1
Eldo. Neither one is exactly svelte but the Lincoln looks even more bloated. (EOM) by Barry Levittan #41133.2
Hard choice, I like them both for different reasons. Maybe the Lincoln is just a little more classic (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #41133.3
Lincoln. (EOM) by Brian Cox #41133.4
Is it OK if I comment on these, John? (EOM) by Bruce Gibbins #41133.5
Bruce, comments are OK. (EOM) by John Bono #41133.5.1
Prefer the looks of the Lincoln BUT both way toooo opulent for me. OOps wrong place. (EOM) by Bruce Parsons #41133.5.2
Lincoln. (EOM) by Bob Jackman #41133.5.3
I like the Lincoln. (EOM) by Gary Rockwood #41133.5.4
Oh, dear, its been one of those days. Sorry, John my message was for John K by Bruce Gibbins #41133.5.5
You missed my apology down at #41115., Bruce. by John Kuvakas #41133.5.5.1Moderator
Oh, John K. Sorry about that, I did read your earlier posts and like I mention by Bruce Gibbins #41133.
Thanks, Bruce. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #41133.
Lincoln, but both are classic for their era! (EOM) by William McElfresh #41133.6
Lincoln (EOM) by George Burgess #41133.7
Lincoln! The caddy looks boxy in comparison. (EOM) by Tim Kubiak #41133.8
Lincoln. (EOM) by Rick Scoville #41133.9
Make mine the Mark IV, please. (EOM) by Michael Rodriguez #41133.10
Easy choice today. Neither, thank you. I wonder where Frank Cannon is? (EOM) by John Roberts #41133.11
William Conrad can not be reached for comment....... (EOM) by Jack Dodds #41133.11.1
Lincoln. (EOM) by Sal Lomma #41133.12
Continental (EOM) by Dick Johnson #41133.13
Lincoln (EOM) by Allan Ording #41133.14
Eldorado, please. (EOM) by Ed Glorius #41133.15
No contest IMO...Lincoln by miles. Prefer the '69 MK. III though. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #41133.16
Caddy (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #41133.17
The Eldorado, of course. Looking very elegant in basic black. (EOM) by Al Dorado #41133.18
Lincoln. (EOM) by Robert Bolin #41133.19
Neither..... (EOM) by Jerry Gorsuch #41133.20
Today it's the Eldo. (EOM) by John Bono #41133.21

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