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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Sunday March 10, 2019 at 7:41 PM
Yes, Jack. There is a huge interest in "old" cars here in NZ.
A large industry has grown over the years sprung from New Zealanders interest and passion for both US and to a little bit of a lesser extent, British cars. There are clubs also for the more well known European cars as well.
Almost every weekend there is a car show some where in the country.

From my personal experience, it seems that post WW2, NZ went car crazy: Two Reasons.
The large number of young US Marines stationed here during WW2. Young guys from where ever once together invariably talk about cars and women. (And what they would like to do with both - given the opportunity)
I imagine that the young Marines and young local guys - high school age, would discuss their hopes and dreams. For the Marines is would be, once they got home - or at least once the war was over, and if they survived the bloody battles of the Pacific - God damn it, they were just kids, it was awful, and its just not right and why does it have to be this way still?

But I digress:

The second reason is that as the early 1930's Ford V8 powered cars started to come onto the used car market. First it was those cars that had been requisitioned for military and government use and were too flogged out so their original owners sold them. Latter in the early 1950's young NZ guys, recognizing once again their need for speed had now been met, commenced buying them up as money allowed.

Even now and to feed what seems to be an insatiable appetite, New Zealanders are importing sizable numbers of American cars, not for daily use, but for the same reason American and Canadian car nuts do - because they like them.

As you know. Jack, I can write a masters thesis length story in this vein for a month from Sunday, I'll clam up now and move on to your next question

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