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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Wednesday March 13, 2019 at 12:20 PM
Okay, Jerry. You caught me with the very first picture, the electric car. So I've had fun
doing a little research.

The inventor/developer of your pictured antique car is Thomas Parker (1843-1915), sometimes referred to as the English Thomas Edison. He was an electrical engineer, inventor, and industrialist. This picture shows Parker (the gentleman in the center) at his home in Tettenhall, near Wolverhampton, circa 1895.

A good paragraph I found: "Parker developed several models of electric cars, one of which he drove rather regularly despite the Light Locomotive Act. The Act stated that three men would have be in the vehicle, two to drive and one to walk in front of the vehicle with a red flag. The car was only legally allowed to go 4 miles per hour on country roads and 2 miles per hour on town roads. He was known as Wolverhampton’s (the city where Elwell-Parker was based) first motorist. He made a habit of commuting to work in his vehicles, one of which gave him 18 months of trouble-free service.
"Being electric was not the only innovative feature of Parker’s cars. Some of them had hydraulic brakes on all four of the wheels, and four-wheel steering. These were improvements that were unheard of even once cars started to dominate the roads. Parker continued to invent and revolutionize life in England and Europe for the rest of his life, and each generation of his descendants have continued in the family tradition of inventing."

Good one!

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Okay, Jerry. You caught me with the very first picture, the electric car. So I've had fun by David Holcombe #41203.1
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