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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Thursday March 14, 2019 at 6:23 PM
Here in the Southern Pacific, its Ford Friday, here in the lounge - we get a heads up a day earlier.
Lets see if you can spot the difference, other than being RHD, between this and a US built car. Clue: you would notice this best sitting in the drivers seat.

Late 1940s Fords were the choice of our highway patrol and in daily use right up to the mid-1950's. Many did not fade away after that, they had a second life as a means to transport older officers getting close to retirement working a new role in educating little kids at school about road safety. These classes included helping improve kids riding ability and youngsters cope with road traffic when riding their bikes.

The 1948 Ford Coupe shown hear, started out life in Canada as a box of bits and pieces, and along with several hundred others were transported by sea freight to New Zealand from, probably Vancouver - would that be correct, Jack? Then to be put together at Fords Gracefield assembly plant.
There is a pic of that down there too.
Looking at the pic and all of those black government limo's and cars used by foreign embassy's, its a big deal day at Ford - I date this roughly as being early 1950's.

Enjoy this Ford Friday and every other day as well.

Being devoid of any descriptive information, here is the Auctioneers, blurb anyway:

"Good selection of other Classics
You are bidding on Turners Reference: 19103246-2

"This Classic has been on display at Stewart's car museum and is now being offered for sale along with a fabulous selection of other classics as a planned downsizing of the Stewart collection. This is an opportunity that doesn't come up very often. Flat head V8"

"Registration on hold."

"To talk to a person who knows about this car call:
Carl Williams
0800 887 637"

"CIN Card (copy & paste this link into your browser to view):

"Location: This vehicle is located at Turners Christchurch Cars
Turners Christchurch
1 Detroit Place

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Here in the Southern Pacific, its Ford Friday, here in the lounge - we get a heads up a day earlier. by Bruce Gibbins #41215
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No, Jack. Stay inside the car. A clue. by Bruce Gibbins #41215.4.1
Is the gear shift on the left side of the steering column? (EOM) by David Holcombe #41215.4.1.1

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