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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Monday May 13, 2019 at 3:30 PM
Another Cadillac a very rare 1913 coupe, not mine but had to share this one,

1913 Cadillac coupe, one of three known. Complete with beautiful original four cylinder engine and polished copper cylinder liners. This is its interesting story starting with the factory order for $2500 in 1913, to 1930, when it was sold for $40 as a used car, through its use as a rally car up and down the Swiss Alps and all over Europe in the 1990's, until I sold it several years ago. Color photos were taken when I owned it, all black and white ones were taken during the 1930's. Extremely rare because of its closed body at a time when 95% of all cars were open with canvas tops and no windows . One of the very first Fisher bodies produced, when Fisher was a small independent company, long before it was purchased by General Motors. This car was relatively easy to start and drive up to 45mph (second year for self starter so no cranking required). A lot of exhaust fumes ended up in the cabin because of the shape of the very tall body. This car was over seven feet tall. Making a left turn when driving alone was a huge challenge. Since it had no turn signals, and had right hand steering like many 1913 cars, it required leaving your seat, pulling the cloth strap down to open the window, sticking your left arm out to signal the turn (although few now know that means a left turn), while balancing carefully keeping your right foot on the brake. Then jumping back in the seat on the right side, put it in gear and go ! I have owned a lot of early Cadillacs and their engineering and styling was some of the best in the world, at least up to World War II.

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Message thread:

Another Cadillac a very rare 1913 coupe, not mine but had to share this one, by Dick Johnson #42266
A fine survivor, really special. In the early 1960's, Tootsietoy (pic) by David Holcombe #42266.1
A wonderful antique and a special survivor. Looking at these pix and the by Bruce Gibbins #42266.2

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