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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 3:52 PM
1933 Packard Super Eight hunting wagon by Peter McAvoy & Son,

This particular example began life as a Packard Super Eight LeBaron All Weather Town Car. It was delivered from the factory Park Avenue dealership in New York City on Christmas Eve 1933. Its ownership history is largely unknown, but at some point one of its owners took it to Peter McAvoy & Son, a commercial auto body builder in New Rochelle, New York.
(Born in Ireland around 1860, McAvoy immigrated to the United States in 1881. By 1910, the census listed him as the proprietor of a wagon factory. By the 1920s, the census listed his occupation as 'carriage builder.' His son James later joined the business and became the president of Peter McAvoy & Son after his father's death in 1929. The company survived until at least 1955, by which time James' son John had become vice president.)
The McAvoys cut the LeBaron body off just aft of the division partition, and constructed a high-quality wood body in its place. It has two fuel tanks which allows it extended range between fill-ups.
Around 1948, it was put into storage. In 1984, it was advertised for sale in Cars & Parts magazine, the sole contact given as an apartment address in Bronxville, New York. Prior to the current owner's acquisition in 2012, it passed through at least two further owners.
This unrestored vehicle has sliding glass rear windows, large roof vents, tether rings around the body, and no rear seating. The exhaust exits over the roof. It is believed that its purpose may have been to transport hunting dogs.
Currently, there are just two automobiles known to have been converted to wood bodies by Peter McAvoy & Son, and this is the only one believed to survive. The other is a 1939 Studebaker.

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Message thread:

1933 Packard Super Eight hunting wagon by Peter McAvoy & Son, by Dick Johnson #42775
It would be interesting to know what the current owners plans are for the old gal. by Bruce Gibbins #42775.1

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