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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Wednesday August 7, 2019 at 2:00 PM
The Packard is the epitome of "classic," and any one of the Hudsons makes me
regret the end of that firm. The largely unknown Diamond T is worthy of more information. Great choices!

(later) I found that Diamond T, being offered by Mecum auctions. Here is the description given by Mecum:

Inline 4-cylinder engine
Downdraft carburetor
Manual transmission
Cream with Red interior
Chrome bumpers and grille
Red painted steel wheels
Chrome hubcaps and trim rings
Wide Whitewall tires

Founded in 1905, Diamond T is best known for the big rigs built during its storied history, which began winding down after the White Motor Company bought things out in 1958. The Chicago firm initially remained an individual division, though later merged with another White acquisition, Reo, to form Diamond Reo in 1967. Long forgotten are the cars briefly built by Diamond T during its earliest years, as well as three wood-bodied station-wagon prototypes that appeared in 1938, 1945 and 1946. The only one of this uncharacteristic trio known to survive is 1945’s “Diamond Traveler,” which is offered here. Originally owned by Company Founder and President C.A. Tilt, it was often used to transport clients around the Windy City. It was built on a shortened one-ton truck chassis mounting narrowed axles resulting in car-like parameters: a 100-inch wheelbase and 54-inch track. Its woody body featured mahogany panels framed by white oak, and its powertrain consisted of a Continental 4-cylinder flathead backed by a Borg Warner T9 3-speed manual transmission.

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Message thread:

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