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Posted By: John Merritt
Posted On: Wednesday September 4, 2019 at 9:31 PM
PICs - My Favorite Franklin
Over on JSS the other day, there was a post about "Remembering a Brand" of car from many years ago.
I am a big fan of the Franklin Automotive Company, they had some very innovative features and styles in the late 20s & early 30s before going out of business in 1934. They produced cars in New York from 1902-1934.
During the entire Franklin production, their cars were air-cooled unlike almost all other from the era that were water-cooled.
The Gilmore Museum features a car show in early June-"The All Air-Cooled Gathering" which is hosted by the H.H. Franklin Museum. I have only managed to attend one show in the last few years, but it is great fun and usually has several Franklins in attendance.
Before my first visit to the Gilmore Car Museum, I knew very little about the Franklin, and had never seen one before. After that first visit, I have researched much about the company and their cars. Very impressive.

This is my favorite Franklin, I never miss an opportunity to spend a few minutes and snap a couple more photos with every visit to the Museum. One of the best things about the Gilmore Museum is when they bring cars from their collection outside for the different shows.
In June, I attended the CCCA Grand Experience Show, and out on the grass was my favorite Franklin. What a thrill, now this may sound silly, but seeing the car was worth the 4hr (both ways) drive I had to make to visit that day.

Here she is...

1932 Franklin Series 17 Sedan

I spent a little bit more time with this photo and my software-I wanted something more unique.

That's another Franklin next to the '32, a 1928 Sport Touring

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