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Posted By: Rick Scoville
Posted On: Tuesday September 10, 2019 at 2:40 PM
Rand, I have around 40 1/18th, about 300 1/24th and a dozen 1/12th. I've always liked
the 1/24th scale size (big enough to show detail, small enough to display in bigger quantities).

I've gravitated a bit over to the 1/12th scale size, but that really becomes a display nightmare. I'm thinking of displaying those separately somewhere - I'm just not sure where.

I collect what I like. Scale anymore is not the limiting factor. If I can find a particular image in 1/24th, I get it. If I have to move up to 1/18th, I'll do that. If I really want to see the detail (these 65 year old eyes aren't getting any better with age), then 1/12th is the way to go.

I'm having fun. Damn the scale - go for it!

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