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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Sunday October 6, 2019 at 5:32 PM
I can't recall if I have ever shared this story
about one of my cars so here it is, enjoy, this was the most fun trip I have ever had, I have owned several of these Subaru 360's and they are awesome.

In 1977 one Sunday after church and lunch I was just out driving around in San Diego and turned down an alley and here was a 360 sitting next to an old garage so I stopped and went up to the house and ask if it was for sale and it was for $75.00 but was told it had a bad clutch but I bought it and it did drive home so I was happy. I knew of a mechanic who specialized in these little 360's and had the special tools to work on them so I had a new clutch installed, tuned it up and what ever service it needed. We went all over San Diego and took a trip up to Los Angeles in it for the day. It did very well on the freeways and as we were on our way back to San Diego, we were in Costa Mesa on the 405 and there was a light show in my rear view mirror, I was being pulled over by the Highway Patrol. I was already in the slow lane and I was driving with the throttle on the floor at a very fast speed of 64 MPH, he gave me a ticket for going to slow in a 70 MPH zone. I was never charged anything since that was as fast as the 360 would go.
A week later we decided to drive to Portland, Oregon so with the back seat loaded with some of our things off we went. We did very well and then we got to the Grapevine and things changed. I could only get 28 MPH out of it going up out of L.A. and we got behind a semi that was going just a little slower than that so I pulled out to pass and got along side of that semi when we both came up behind another semi going just about our speed and then one pulled up beside us and one behind so there we were down in this hole looking out at the hub caps of these semis and they all started blowing their horns and laughing and waving so I honked and waved back.
Once we got to the summit it was good going down the other side and out on the flats again I was back to just over 60 MPH. Someplace in Central California we saw another 360 with a senior couple driving and coming from Arizona so I honked at them and waved and went on our way.
Well we pulled into Portland, Oregon with flying colors and that little 360 just ran like a top all the way.
I went right to work for the Citroen dealer there as a mechanic and traded the 360 in on a Citroen DS and that was a good car for a long time.
So this is my story of just one of my cars.

Pictures of the last 360 I had and now it sits at a Subaru repair shop just a mile away from our house. I wish I had it back

I did some custom work on it and here is what I did.

This is a stock original door panel

I added carpet to lower part with a bright trim on top and added a door pocket and arm rests. I also added some safety chains just for fun with it being a suicide opening door, Just fasten the chain to the dash.

rear view

I made a bigger heater blower and defroster and installed an automatic CD changer, this is under the rear seat and some speakers in the rear quarter trim and some carpet there also.

I installed a power antenna and made a custom box for it so it would not collect road dirt and grime. I installed an AM-FM stereo from a 1975 Cadillac in the dash where there was a factory AM radio and the power antenna would go up when the radio was turned on and down when radio turned off.

Rear quarter speakers, speaker grill yet to be installed.

I rebuilt the engine using 30 over pistons and shaved cylinder heads and rejetted the carb and it really helped.

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Message thread:

I can't recall if I have ever shared this story by Dick Johnson #44413
Geez Dick, I can't even begin to wipe the smile off my face with this story ! by Steve Jakubczak #44413.1
+1 (EOM) by Frank Kocour #44413.1.1
Dick, you're a brave man. (EOM) by John Bono #44413.2
Great story. Its a homely little car but you can't help liking it! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #44413.3
Awesome Dick. And brave you really were. Thanks millions. (EOM) by Jerry Vinson #44413.4

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