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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Tuesday October 8, 2019 at 8:32 PM
Frank Kocour to answer your questions, and another one of my car stories,
I have a million questions and comments for you with no idea where to start. You definitely have an
adventurous spirit. It appears that you learned auto mechanics at the school of hard knocks?
How in the world you, without any experience, decided to rebuild an engine, outside, in front of your house is beyond brave. Did you have a manual? Where did you get the tools? Any help? Do you have a photographic memory? Did the weather interfere with your work? I could go on.
Did you ever return to high school?

Yes I have done a lot of mechanic work at the curb in front of many places I lived. And no I never did have a manual. I got tools from where I worked for the most part picking up some other places as I went along.

I had no help just did it on my own.

I am not sure if I have a photographic memory but just went on instinct mostly.

As far as the weather I never did let that stop me rain or shine. I have laid in some big water puddles in many a wrecking yard trying to get a part off some car.

I have a true story of a 1939 Bantam Speedster I bought in 1964 in Portland , Oregon that had been in storage for a long time. It had an English Ford Flathead engine in it and two, yes 2 transmissions . The guy that did the conversion used the English Ford trans. and then for some reason installed the Bantam trans. backwards to the back of the Ford trans and that gave it several forward speeds and even several reverse speeds.

So as I said I bought it and right away had to find a tire shop to replace one bad tire. Got that done and then with top off and the windshield folded down and a cousin was with me and my dad with their Chevy wagon we started off for Roseburg, Oregon 180 miles away. I knew nothing about this Bantam before this and it was winter. Bantams did not have a heater and it was raining hard but I drove that way the 180 miles and had a blast.
This is a twin to the Speedster in this story that I bought.Mine was also red just like this.This Bantam had not been driven for a few years pryor to my getting it but I just went on faith that it would make that trip and it did great.

My best friend at the time also loved that Bantam and we would go cruising around Roseburg in the Bantam again with the windshield folded down and no top on it in the middle of winter and even in freezing weather, we just had a blast.

And to answer your last question I never returned to school and have never been ask for my diploma and I was even in the Air Force. I had rheumatic fever three times as a kid and never had any heart damage and even with this history I still got in the Air Force. Basic training was one of the best times of my life. I loved basic training and often times wished I could do it all over again.

So I hope I have answer all your questions.

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