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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Wednesday October 9, 2019 at 10:13 AM
Here is one story that I must tell because looking back it is so funny
how we survived.

This was back in my drinking days and very crazy time.
I worked at Honda of San Diego as a mechanic and was good friends with one of the other mechanics and we would almost every day leave work, often in a customers Honda to road test and go to the oldest bar in San Diego the Waterfront Bar just a short drive from the shop and we would go there every day. It was a different time then and we got by with a lot of crazy stuff.
My friends name was Frank and he had a motorcycle and I had a showroom condition 1954 Mercury sedan. Oh how I loved that Mercury. My first wife was also with us and we went there to drink beer and play pool.
My wife was sick with a bad cold so Frank ordered her a shot of whisky and told her it would help but she wasn't a drinker so it hit her hard.
Well to explain more, Frank and I going to the Waterfront Bar was a daily thing. We would leave work about 10 AM and drive there and as I said drink and shoot pool for a couple of hours and about that time our boss Derek W. would call the bar and say "are you coming back we have work to do"? We always said yes as soon as this game is over and the next thing we knew Derek was walking through the door and would say " one beer and one game and we have to get back to work. By then we are plastered and went back to work and finished the day working on customers Honda's.

On another day my wife and Frank and I decided to quit and head home as it was 4:30 PM and we would not go back to work. So as soon as we walked out of the bar the fresh air hit us and Frank went down to his knees on the sidewalk and my wife and I felt very drunk as well. My 54 Mercury was parked across the street and Frank was able to get up and walk across India Street where his motorcycle was parked behind my 54 Merc. Frank said " I am to drunk to ride my motorcycle so lets put it in the trunk of your Mercury and you can take me home". So he got on his motorcycle and was going to ride it around the block and do a wheely and put it in the trunk of the Merc. Well thank the Lord he didn't make it as he couldn't get it started and lay'd it on its side and left it there. I drove him home and then drove 20 miles to our house in East San Diego and we made it safe and sound.

How I ever survived is simply a miracle from God because this happened often back then but I kept my job and remained close friends with my boss Derek W. and never had an accident or a ticket.

The one and only ticket I have had is the one for going to slow on the 405 Freeway in Costa Mesa and never an accident. So sad to say that my friend Frank ended up taking his own life.

I have had so many guardian angels around me all my life and I do believe in them.

My story of my 54 Mercury.

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Message thread:

Here is one story that I must tell because looking back it is so funny by Dick Johnson #44460
Excellent. And glad you all had good luck on your side. BTW, did those Honda's get fixed? (EOM) by Jerry Vinson #44460.1
Yes Jerry they all got fixed and not one comeback. (EOM) by Dick Johnson #44460.1.1
Nice to see you walked on the wild side, wore it out and lived to tell about it. by Jack Dodds #44460.2
You definitely had a good guardian angel. It sounds like an episode of "Hold My Beer". Sorry about by Frank Kocour #44460.3
LOL ! (EOM) by Dick Johnson #44460.3.1
Lol. I guess the cops woke him up when they clicked the "bracelets" on. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #44460.3.2
Not that bad. He lived in a duplex among many that were identical. It was his neighbor and they by Frank Kocour #44460.3.2.1

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