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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Saturday November 2, 2019 at 1:35 PM
My story of a great custom the Rod and Custom Dream Truck,
in case you missed it in my earlier post, enjoy and thanks Frank for calling this to my attention.

In my story I said that a man in Seattle bought it and was going to restore it but what happened was he decided that he had to many projects going and so decided not to get it. That is when it was sold to the man in Germany who has it now and making great progress.

I also mentioned Spence Murray the Editor of Rod and Custom Magazine and the Rod and Custom Dream Truck showing me a movie taken of the wreck of that truck so here is the story of that custom.

The Dream Truck was his own personal Chevy pickup and he had it customized by several of the top custom car builders of the day, each one doing something different to customize this truck.

Custom cars and trucks were just starting to get popular and many ideas done to the Dream Truck had never been tried before so it was also called "the rolling laboratory" and it was exciting to watch it being built with every monthly issue of the Rod and Custom magazine that hit the shelves.

Sad to say that this custom was in an accident that at the time totaled it as Spence was taking it to a car show, here are some before pictures and then some of the accident.

early in the building

It was also painted a number of different colors as work progressed

The wreck a rear tire on the towing truck caused this accident, Spence was driving the towing truck and thankfully he was not hurt.

The truck was shipped back to California and it then was decided that it was to bad to rebuild mainly because in the crash the drivers door came open and the truck landed on that and it pushed the cowl to the side and they said just to much damage was done.

The truck disappeared and was not seen for many years. A man in California happened to find the remains of this truck in an old shed, he bought it and got it home and then the fun of rebuilding it began right in his driveway.

In Bruce's driveway and I got to spend a full day there at his home as many of the original men who worked on this custom were coming and going and looking at all the work that must be done to rebuild it. Bruce's wife kept us fed with some of the best stuffed mushrooms I have ever had and refreshments. I got to sit in the truck that day and what a thrill that was since I had followed it right from the start. So the work began and good progress was made but it reached the point where it had to be shipped back east to Carl Greens custom shop to finish it.

So it was brought back to its original beauty and back on the show circuit and today is in a nice collection of customs. See pictures below of the finished truck and I hope you enjoyed this story.

And yes I do have the model of it on it's own private shelf with good lighting.

All restored

All restored

All restored

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