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Posted By: Jerry Vinson
Posted On: Wednesday November 27, 2019 at 12:58 PM
Thanx for the good words and we hope to
plan another trip soon that will take us to all of the CA, NV, AZ, UT, NM and CO to see all that we can. A month might get it done but it will have me doing a lot of research.
You are right about the majesty of our North American Continent. I have seen beauty in every state we have traveled so far.
And, we hope to travel until we can't.
John K mentioned a small TV trailer yesterday and how it would be fun to do the nation in. I agree with that. In fact, we saw a couple in NM coming home this time, they we both 82, they were driving a 39' Class C and they only have 86ooo miles.
I want that to be us!
So, hitch 'em up and let's go!
Be well everyone and
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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