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Posted By: Robert Bolin
Posted On: Thursday November 28, 2019 at 9:29 AM
As one who is color blind, I can tell you this is false.
First there are several types of color blindness and each type has different colors that cause them trouble. There are also different degrees within each type. What you are showing is monochromacy which is zero color differentiation so that everything appears grey. Well, I think that's what you posted. If it is shades of another color, it could be one I don't perceive well. But the fact is that color blind people see colors, we just have trouble distinguishing some colors from others. Green and brown, purple and blue, bright green and yellow. These are a few problematic combos for me because my red vision is severely limited. There are others as my color blindness is more than not telling red, but those are some big ones.

It's hard to describe what I see except to say that cyan looks pink or grey depending on the specific depth of green in the blue. Purple takes on a similar but darker pink tone to me. Bright green and yellow both look yellow. Flashing red and flashing yellow street lights look the same. Green intersection lights look white as the street lamps shining down on the road.

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Message thread:

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