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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Sunday December 1, 2019 at 1:22 PM
San Antonio Ford Model T accident happened yesterday, sad,

San Antonio Ford Model T
3 hrs
This is a difficult post to write. For courtesy and legal reasons. an effort has been made to avoid conjecture, speculation and accusations.

There was a collision during a Ford Model T tour in Kerrville, Texas, yesterday, Saturday November 30, 2019. A 1920 Ford Model T Center Door and an approximately 10 year old Plymouth PT Cruiser made contact at around 10 AM on a four lane road with both a center strip and hard shoulders, on the main road out of town heading towards Ingram. The road was busy but dry and there was unlimited visibility. The PT Cruiser remained upright and stopped on the right shoulder after a short distance, The passenger side rear wheel of the T was most likely the point of contact. It shattered from the impact and the T became uncontrollable. It ended up in the center strip laying on the passenger side. The sole occupant, Jerry King, was able to get out of the vehicle unaided. He sustained injuries that caused him to be taken to the nearest hospital. Numerous EMTs, fire fighters and local police swiftly secured the scene and interviewed the drivers involved and witnesses. Jerry was released from the hospital in the evening.

The future of the T is uncertain. Very significant damage was caused. The appraisal of a T expert will be required to establish the costs involved to effect repairs.

It was a bad day for the San Antonio Model T community. Our hearts go out to Jerry King and we are relieved his injuries, though serious, were not worse. The vehicle's owner, Beverly Luce, who was not present, also has our sympathy.

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Message thread:

San Antonio Ford Model T accident happened yesterday, sad, by Dick Johnson #45431
I'll bet it gets repaired; whether it is written off or not. Let's hope so! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #45431.1
well, I have read so many stories and seen so many pictures by Joop Gisbers #45431.2
I just read this "T Tale" after posting pictures of my smaller Model T above. These by David Holcombe #45431.2.1

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