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Posted By: Christian D. Pamp
Posted On: Friday January 10, 2020 at 8:06 AM
Warning! Beware of shopping at Model Car World in Germany!
Model Car World sent me (among other in this shipment) a 1/18 MCG Rolls Royce model with so severe manufacturing defects that it is hard to believe it passed the manufacturer's quality control, and they should have been obvious enough when the model was packed for dispatch. The base plate is so warped, it hangs out half an inch below the sills and the model does not rest on all four wheels. Also, the roof is severely scuffed.

No big deal, I thought, it's a reputed dealer, so they will replace it with no fuss. I mean, this always was the case when I ordered from different dealers in the past and a defective model arrived. So I entered a claim via their website.

To my surprise, MCW had different ideas. After a few days I received an email from their so called Service Team, explaining they wanted me to send the model back (OK) to be either refunded, or a replacement being sent out WITH MY NEXT ORDER (most definitely NOT OK!).

I replied that I don't want a refund, since the model is intended as a Christmas gift for a friend and I find it unacceptable that a replacement is dependent on me making another purchase, which wasn't planned from my side in the foreseeable future, let alone before Christmas, until which the replacement model would be required. I also clearly told them my opinion about their business conduct to make the replacement of a defective model dependent on a new purchase from my side.

After a further few days, I received another eMail from the MCW Service Team repeating this unreasonable offer, to which I replied that I am not agreeing to their demands and asked to please involve a manager. This was on Dec 18th.

Christmas came and passed, so on Dec 27th I decided to post a comment on their Facebook page. They threatened me to report it to the Facebook authorities, since I mentioned the name of the Person of their so called Service Team, so I obliged to their demand, deleted the post and posted another one not mentioning any names. Today they replied to it MENTIONING MY NAME(!) and posted only the part where they offer to refund the model if I send it back, to which I do not agree.
They failed to mention part two, that a replacement would be dependent on further purchases altogether.

Regarding the timeline, I waited for well over a week until I took this into the public domain. I gave them a fair chance to handle this in privacy. I have also been a customer for years.

This is the first time in my life the replacement of a defective new item is made dependent on further purchases.
Since I canno longer trust them, I will not send back the model. I will try to fix it.

But I am fuming about their practices and urge everyone to think twice before ordering from them.

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