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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 4:54 PM
Well here is a blast from my past I thought I would share,
And yes that skinny guy is/was me,

YEP that is me this was on A Street in Hayward, California. One day I wondered across the street and stood looking at a Willys in front of the store and my mom panicked when she saw what I had done. She had only turned her attention to something else for just a minute and I was gone.

My dad made me these models out of wood and the hood and doors worked on the wagon. They both were broken a few years later sad to say.

I thought I was really smart trying to drive this tractor at an aunt and uncles farm in Fargo ND while we were there on a vacation. Only trouble was I didn't know how to stop it and one of the men ran and jumped on it and got it stopped. That was our 1942 Chevy in the background, an awesome car.

A neighbor girl I grew up with and our bicycles.

This was the 1940 Bantam panel truck my folks had for eight years and it served us very well.

Very sad to say this is how I found it in Portland, Oregon a few years later and then I lost track of it.

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