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Posted By: Frank Kocour
Posted On: Wednesday January 15, 2020 at 9:38 PM
When it rains it pours . . .
We are planning to sell our home in about 3 months and downsize.

There are a few improvements around the house that I want to do before we sell it. Today, I tackled one of them. The job was to replace a couple of damaged floor boards in the kitchen.

In order to get those damaged boards out most of the flooring and many of the baseboards and trim had to be removed, which I did.

It was also necessary to move the refrigerator and uncouple the ice maker line. Although the ice maker water shut off valve appeared to be closed . . . it wasn't. The hose exploded in my hand and water ran until I shut it off at the water main. Do you think I was able to shut off the water right away? Of course not. I had to grab a tool first.

I got a bath, water drifted throughout most of the kitchen, part way into the hall, about 4 feet into a small portion of the dining room and part way into the adjoining master bath.

I don't think any damage was done beyond the flooring, but just to make sure, I'm having an emergency restoration company come over tomorrow to assess any damage.

Meanwhile the house is a mess. The refrigerator is sitting in the hallway, the stove is in the dining room and there are flooring, baseboards and tools strewn everywhere.

Did I mention that Neither the kitchen or bath flooring is no longer made?

Three weeks ago we had what some called a tornado go through our yard. Lots of huge trees were uprooted around us. The only damage to our place was a demolished barzebo top.

But, no problem because I always have a spare. I had bought an extra top 2 years ago for this eventuality. Cathy and I worked on that SOB for 5 hours last Sunday and couldn't make it fit. I actually bent the wrought iron frame trying to make the top fit on it.

So I called the gazebo replacement top company. I had ordered the wrong top. They look identical, but my model is no longer made. This is a wonderful selling feature of our house that I can no longer get. Now what do I do?

Last week the supply line to the toilet began to leak. All I had to do was replace the supply line. So I did.

Of course that wasn't the problem. The fitting inside the toilet is cracked and needs to be replaced. Did I mention that I have an air toilet and I probably have to replace the entire unit just to get at that fifty cent part? Meanwhile I empty a glass bowl full of water every day.

A qualified buyer (brother of a neighbor) is supposed to come look at our house this coming Saturday.


I'm done ranting.

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Message thread:

When it rains it pours . . . by Frank Kocour #46273
sorry to hear all that Frank but what the heck is an air toilet I mean I wish my toilet would air by Steve Jakubczak #46273.1
Sorry to hear all this Frank. I sure wish I could help you by Dick Johnson #46273.1.1
(Video) LOL. It's not an aromatic toilet. They sound like an airplane commode. Here's a short by Frank Kocour #46273.1.2
I also hate plumbing-it seems you can't do any plumbing job without water managing to go everywhere. (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #46273.2
It's simple..I think..just shut the water off at the main. However..lol..I've got some by Steve Jakubczak #46273.2.1
There is still all that water left in the lines, though. (EOM) by Mike DeTorrice #46273.2.1.1
Sorry to hear about your misfortune Frank. Hope it's all getting better from now on (EOM) by John Roberts #46273.3
Since I have a $1,700 deductible the only thing that I hope for is that the restoration company by Frank Kocour #46273.4
Sorry to hear this. Many of my "do it yourself" projects usually become more difficult .... by John Bono #46273.5
As for me 'D I Y' stands for Destroy it yourself so I wouldn't much good either! (EOM) by John Roberts #46273.5.1
Frank, here's hoping your recent spell of bad luck begins to by Bob Jackman #46273.6
My dad had one of those in his warehouse which was not heated... no problem with frozen toilet water (EOM) by William McElfresh #46273.7
The Family Handyman might pay you $5.00 for your Ordeal by John Barry #46273.8
LOL. John, The only thing I did when the hose exploded was to literally turn in circles looking for by Frank Kocour #46273.8.1
I used to do most my own repairsd, renovations etc - finished two basements, by Ron Dietrich #46273.9
Ron, I'm in the same boat. I remodled most of my home by myself, including the flooring. And when by Frank Kocour #46273.9.1
I hear ya man - good luck (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #46273.9.1.1
truer words............. by John Barry #46273.10
To me too, John. (EOM) by Frank Kocour #46273.10.1

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