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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Friday January 17, 2020 at 9:52 AM
Just think of how I feel today driving an 02 Ford Taurus
after all the cars I have owned that had style and class like 58 Edsel's, Hudson's, Bantams and Citroen's to name a few.
I wonder what happened, what did I do wrong ?? I am 76, do I still stand a chance to own another great old classic car to drive and enjoy in my senior years ?
Well I will tell you this. I have rescued many an old car and brought it back to life for someone else to enjoy. I have done many stupid things just to get the next old car.
I watch others post like groups that I follow on FB and other sites and as I look through their pictures and stories I sit and wonder just why did I do it ? I had fun at the time, at least I think I did, I enjoyed the challenge so I have a lot of both good and bad memories.
But now I look and I say to myself how glad I am that it is over, the looking for that next car, that better deal, spending all that energy and money, to fix something that someone else didn't care about and let rust and fall apart for me to fix.
OH how thankful that today I don't have any desire to fix up an old car and I leave it to the younger set who really can't relate to the real feeling of a car and the part it played in so many lives.
What I miss most is the energy it took to find that old treasure of some old car tucked away someplace and bring it back to life. So much energy that today I would rather spend on being close to my awesome wife, and family and just enjoy my senior years with no regrets and just treasure the good memories as I am doing now.
I still enjoy the old cars as found in some of my favorite models and sharing here with all of you so all I am doing is sharing some very personal thoughts and feelings of what once was.
I am blessed and very thankful for each and every one of you. It is a real joy and pleasure to share with you as I do each day.
You are all awesome.
I admit that I am very happy with our 02 Taurus as it just went over the 100K mark with some minor issues along the way but still doing good. It is basic transportation and it does it's job and that is all that matters to us now. It is generic but I really don't care and I enjoy it for what it does for us, groceries, doctors and church is all we use it for and it works.
But I would hate it if someone offered us a Citroen or a Bantam, LOL just kidding.
Love you all.

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