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Posted By: Rick Scoville
Posted On: Friday January 17, 2020 at 3:06 PM
I'm truly good with today's phone technology. We did away with our house
phone 10 years or so ago. I use mine as a phone enough each day. If I want to browse the web, I do. If I want to check e-mails, I do.

What I don't do is walk and look at my phone. I don't drive and use the phone unless I use Bluetooth for calls (our cars are Bluetooth enabled and even the Harley is Bluetooth enabled). Then I keep it short. I don't sit at a restaurant when I'm with friends or family and stare at my phone.

It is my main camera anymore as picture quality is fantastic - especially on the newer phones.

I have GPS on my phone tied into each vehicle. If we travel, I use the WAZE app which is the best travel app out there bar none.

If you call me and you are not in my phone book, I don't answer the call. If you leave a message, I call back. No message and I block the number. As simple and as easy as that.

I was in sales and traveled domestically and internationally all the time. There is absolutely NO WAY I'd ever go back to phone booths! Of course, I'm retired now so I really don't care.

If you always have your nose in your phone, then that's a problem. That is not what it was intended to be used for. It's a convenient means of keeping in touch and having the world at your fingertips. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you always have your nose in your phone, I'd suggest seeking help. Or making some changes to your life. Or getting rid of that PHONE. At the very least, switch back to an old flip-phone.

It is great technology!

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