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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Saturday January 18, 2020 at 5:19 PM
One mans story of his 1965 Bel Air, story by the owner Bill Johnson,
not my car and we are not related but sure do like his story,

This is a picture of the 1965 Chevrolet BelAir that my mom bought new for $2600. It has a 230 cid six and a "three on the tree" standard transmission. I got my driver's license in it, my wife and I went on our honeymoon in it over 44 years ago and I started my business out of the trunk and retired recently after 45 years in business. In my Sophomore year at the University of Kentucky, I took it to Montgomery Ward and bought a lifetime guarantee battery and got 10 free replacement batteries before MW went out of business. I totaled it twice when in college, both times requiring a new front "doghouse". Not long after we were married, my wife was driving it home from her work and a guy ran a red light and hit it in the passenger side and totaled it again. Because of sentimental attachment, I rebuilt the car each time. I have a picture of my youngest brother at age 6 standing by the left front fender on his first day of school. We later drove the car to Baton Rouge, LA and drove him to his graduation from LSU where he received his PhD and again got a picture of him standing next to the car. We still have the old Chevy and I'll be driving it to my 50th high school class reunion in about a year and a half, good Lord willing. :)

I've performed the oil changes and lube on the car for a number of years. Several years ago I got lazy and took it to a Valvoline Instant Oil Change near us. One would have thought that I arrived in a spaceship. First, the VIN number isn't long enough to fill out the field in their computer so that stymied them. I told them that I knew the filter type and could tell them all of the lube points on the car. After it sat in the bay with the hood up for over 30 minutes, I asked them if they'd please just close the hood and open the door and let me go home because I could have done it myself in less than 10 minutes.

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