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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Saturday January 18, 2020 at 8:53 PM
The Royal Family has been interwoven into the lives of those of us
who live in countries that were British colonies who, unlike the Americans, had no revolution to separate our forebears from, The Crown. After the early days of the Whalers and Sealers and itinerant missionaries, the British, by deception, low cunning and murder subdued, the native, polynesian population, stole their lands and opened up the country to planned settlement of English and Scots people from which I am descended. Chinese guest workers were allowed in to work the gold and gum fields, but latter immigration from China was discouraged with a 10 poll tax.

So we became Britain's food basket and for 150 years did pretty well out of it.
The British ensured that even as a self governing Dominion and part of the British Empire, we were not completely free to make our own decisions. This extended, right up until the 1970's, the time when Air New Zealand - Government owned corporation, was buying 747 Jumbo airliners that were going to be fitted with factory installed Pratt & Whitney jet engines, however the British told the New Zealand government, that if we wanted them, the British to plead our case to the EU, then the EEC, for a trade deal with the British to continue importing our produce, albeit in much reduced quantities, then our 747s would need to be fitted with Rolls Royce engines. Being good little supplicants of the British Crown, our government could not agree to British suggestion fast enough. Even though American engines of all types had been serviced in Christchurch NZ for years with many servicing contracts from airlines from around Asia and the Pacific and the USAF - their Antarctic mission aircraft- now all gone as the service facility was dismantled and rebuilt to handle RR engines. Interestingly enough and as it turned out, no representation by the British on our behalf to the EU was ever made.

People of my generation, the post WW2 generation looked more to the United States than our traditional protector and so changes occured.
The point that is really of relivence in this discussion is that, not only is the Queen the Queen of England, but she is also the Queen of New Zealand, Canada and Australia and head of the Commomwealth an entity to which we all belong. All 23 countrie that were part of the British Empire.

Rumblings of republicisim in both Antipidean nations are constant but not powerful enough yet for any changes to happen anytime soon. Some years back the Australians took a vote on the matter but there was no majority then for change.

So, if this long winded and selective history lesson has not done so then it is for these reasons that the Royal Family, is, shall we way, becoming less popular as its traditional supporter are dying off.
They are, the Royal Family, one of the largest recipients of State welfare - millions of British taxpayer 's are paid out to these people.

Sometimes, when watching programs like The Crown with its historic back story of subjugation it pays probably to not have any intimate experience of the subject.
Lest me say in finishing that at one time the Queens visits were a huge event. Much like you saw in The Crown when the King was rolling along in a high speed train studiously ignoring the adoring crowds were like that as here as well. At the time of The Queens visit to New Zealand in 1953 crowd scenes here were very similar. Royals still visit here, but are now largely ignored by more modern generations - the connection is becoming much weaker for them - and the traditionalists are now so old that they seldom venture outside any more.

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