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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Sunday January 19, 2020 at 5:24 PM
An almost impossible task, John. With most of the shows I watch being British
a list of my favorites is almost endless.
What sites in America to you folks go to for your Britpix entertainment. BBC America, PBS?
There are several other British production companies that have produced some amazing TV shows, ITV for example.
We, that's the Mrs and yours truly, either, borrow DVD's from the local library here in Johnsonville - Waitohe, or I buy them from sellers on ebay.
But an all zone DVD player is needed to play US zone 1 DVD's. We are zone 4 but if I want to buy from local sellers then I need to raise a mortgage on our house.

Four British TV Shows that I would recommend and that access to previews can be found on YouTube are:

Happy Valley.
Last Tango in Halifax.
When the Boat Comes In
Home Fires
George Gently
Darling Buds of May.
A second Downton Abby was made.
Equally as good as the original long running series Americans would be more familiar with.
This is equally extravagant and beautifuly produced with some of Britians finest actresses and actors.

From the era that brought us Poldark, there is The Onedin Line.
British cop shows and detective series are usually pretty good and there are so many to choose from you'll get a thumping headache trying.

So there ar just a small- microcosmic number and for more information use google and YT.

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An almost impossible task, John. With most of the shows I watch being British by Bruce Gibbins #46348.3
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In America, Acorn TV is all British and Amazon Prime with Acorn has tons. by Robert Bolin #46348.3.2
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