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Posted By: Dan Vincent
Posted On: Saturday January 25, 2020 at 9:39 PM
35mm Lens Manufacturers had specialties and were known for certain lenses.
Minolta had superb wide angle lenses with amazing edge to edge sharpness. Their normal lenses had great skin tones while Nikon had a slightly pink skin tone.

Nikon and Canon had great telephoto ranges.

Most Japanese and German lenses were known for delivering great images and it was more choice of film type and settings than camera brand.

In 1976 I was asked to do an article on an RC boat but I didn’t own a camera. After brief research it seemed as though Nikon and Canon were the big names at the time so I asked the editor if he had any suggestions.

He said they were good choices but he was highly impressed with images sent in by Minolta users and they were less expensive, especially for lenses. He said he used Nikons but once he invested in several lenses he had to stay with them. He said if he was starting over he would probably go with Minolta.

My biggest appreciation for my Minoltas was the quiet shutters, control layout and comfortable feel in my hands.

Usually the sharpest images from most lenses will be in the mid range of the f-stop range. If you have a lens with a range of f2 to f16, your sharpest shots will probably be in the 5.6 to f8 range.

Place a newspaper on the wall and take pictures at various f-stops to see where the sharpness shows up. You will also see barreling and distortion if present.

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