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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Wednesday February 12, 2020 at 10:19 AM
PIC: A trip back in the time machine, enjoy,

1923 opening of the second oldest burger franchise in the USA Kewpee Burger started in Flint, Michigan

1885 aerial tram for transporting miners at the Kimberly Diamond Mine in South Africa.

Army engineers doing a great job

1875 a street urinal in Paris

Nebraska 19th century school houses were made of sod

Depression era mother wearing a flour sack dress and a mother of nine living in a field on US Route 70 in Tennessee 1936

A rock house

110 feet from the driver to the leaders. One line (rein) to control 20 head of Mules ( sometimes 18 mules with 2 horses as Wheelers), 2 wagons, and a water tank. Loads grossed around 72,000lbs all taken care of by just 2 men. "while on the trail".

1940 General store in Vermont, the cage in the left is the post office

1960 grocery shopping

1943 Brigham City Utah Parley Rasmussen and his 1935 Ford used to deliver mail.

1897 stagecoach heading to Silverton, Colorado on what would become the Million Dollar Highway.

July 1936 drought area of North Dakota

Clarkston, Washington harvest crews and horse teams.

old car race

a mother doing the family wash in a tenement apartment Manhattan lower east side 1895

1918 June 24 Red Cross distributing cigarettes in a hospital in France

Potato harvest

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Message thread:

PIC: A trip back in the time machine, enjoy, by Dick Johnson #46743
Thanks Dick. I always enjoy your vintage pictures. (EOM) by John Bono #46743.1
+1 (EOM) by John Munro #46743.1.1
+1 more. (EOM) by David Holcombe #46743.2
Me 3! (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #46743.2.1
I love the Time Machine! Any info on that tiny car and trailer? (EOM) by David Larsen #46743.3
Reminds me of the TV show "brought to you by 20 Mule Team Borax." (EOM) by Jack Dodds #46743.4
Death Vslley Dayd, hosted by Ronald Reagan (EOM) by Duncan Pohl #46743.4.1
and I thought that was just a TV ad BORAX...household soap detergent? (EOM) by Ron Dietrich #46743.4.2
Photo Comments..and yours ?? by Rand Anderson #46743.5
This aerial tram was the source of the term "scared stiff". (EOM) by Jack Dodds #46743.7

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