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Posted By: Harvey Goranson
Posted On: Friday February 14, 2020 at 4:41 PM
If I'm allowed I will. But...
...the roars of protest are building, primarily over the noise issue. I went to a city council meeting Monday (my first ever!) to voice support. So did another couple down the street who own a Boxter.

One of the problems is this area, though zoned Industrial, has sat unused for decades. Consequently trails appeared, with nature hikers and off-road bicyclists who have come to think of it as a park, which it isn't. It has sat unused for so long because a lot of expense would be needed to grade it smooth, but the race track guys find the gentle hills will work to the advantage of the track design, which has the benefit of keeping water runoff in line with its present state.

We'll see what happens. We've been promised stuff before (like a Target store) but then things fizzle out. Still waiting to see if an airport gets built.

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