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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Friday March 20, 2020 at 6:42 PM
Yesterday, I visited a friend about a 20 min drive away where we
talked about the role of religion in times like these - deep, dark and philosophical, drank strong Ghanain tea, discussed alternative methods of arse/ass wiping should the great TP shortage of 2020 impact world wide humanity, then said goodbye and I drove home again - traffic was much lighter than before.
But mainly though, I've been staying put here at home. Reading, forum participation, watching YT vids, giving cheek to the Mrs, boxing up some kits I've sold on-line, making sure that on entering the house I use hand sanitizer. Using disinfected wipes kept in the car when I need to go out, which ain't often now - thank goodness.

Our local library still remains open, schools also.

Thinking, brooding, musing, dozing off, scooping up happy memories and refiling them for easy access when cabin fever sets in.

Giving comfort to our cat who seems fidgety at all this stuff humans are getting up to recently.
Small adjustment: cutting my own hair, not really because of the current situation but, I can achieve a #1 just as effectively as any damn barber and for free what's more.

Oh gosh, what else can I tell ya? For now, that's about it.

Stay safe and well, folks, thinking of y'all.

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