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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Saturday March 21, 2020 at 9:03 PM
Singapore is largely an authoritarian state and is a small island, attached to
its nearest neighbour, Malaysia by a causeway.
Taiwan is similar and both countries have large and controlling Han Chinese populations.
This is also why the country of China themselves, from where the coronavirus originated, have managed now to see the back of it.

Control by central governments makes decision making much easier in times of crisis. Societies like this historically and culturally view decision making as being in the Common Good and not pandering to the beliefs of individuals who want to swim against the tide.

In Singapore and for certain crimes, often those of offending another individuals personal dignity, are punished by a set number strokes on the bare ass from a Ratan cane.
This punishment is administered by the police and offending foreigners are dealt with in the same way with the additional promise of deportation.
Ok, so what constitutes offending another individuals personal dignity then?
Flipping of somebody in public, minor sexual harrassment of a female - ass pinching as an example.
Loud cussing in public of another person.
I'm not kidding around either.

No doubt there are other examples but I have not made a study of these. It's just that when I started visiting my elder daughter who moved to Singapore in 2011, these were the examples she gave me.

While more liberal societies need to rely on the good will of the people to impose safeguards in times such as these.
Most people will willingly cooperate because they see the sence in these initiatives.
This is unlike the evil little shits enjoying their spring break on Florida beaches who seem to view staying well and in so doing protecting others as an unwanted imposition on their right to enjoy themselves.

Spare me, please.

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