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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Sunday May 17, 2020 at 9:05 PM
Even with The Virus potentially lurking behind every tree and bush and the need
to be sensible, meaning, cautious in the face of a possible infection, the life of a retired old geezer remains mostly unaltered. I did venture out in the Mrs car on an errand that took me around China Bay with its numerous cafe`s and boutique eateries, bars and tourist trap clip joints and with an absence of Cruise Ship passengers, appear solemn and unappealing.

Road traffic volumes were reminiscent of 1960's levels - a welcome down sizing, if you ask me. A flashback now to the low hum of tramcar motors and the clatter of steel wheels crossing switches and pneumatic pumps hammering away.
It's difficult to visualize just how the worlds we lived in before the Wuflu hit will look like when our leaders sound the all clear. What freedoms we once took for granted, relinquished from nessesity will be reinstated or need to be reclaimed?
Interesting times await us, especially those of us, who like me, were looking at the future with eyes that now see a change that seemed to come out of nowhere, unsettling end times complacency and in our pre-pandemic arrogance giving comfort that, we may have actually got out of here alive.

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