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Posted By: Dick Johnson
Posted On: Friday May 22, 2020 at 2:19 PM
Here is one of my car stories that I still remember and treasure,
I was born in Castro Valley, California 1943. My mother was in very poor health and was under a doctors care most of the time.
All of the family lived in Hayward at the time but decided to move north to Roseburg, Oregon in 1945.
Mom was still not doing well and one of her sisters and husband, my uncle Don and Aunt Dorothy decided to drive up there and they were taking care of me since mom couldn't.
Uncle Don and Aunt Dorothy had a 1939 Plymouth, this one pictured, and we started off to Roseburg, Oregon. I honestly do still remember that trip and asking Uncle Don to stop so I could pee pee in the snow bank in the mountain ranges.
All the family moved to Roseburg later in 1945 and I will always remember that trip in that 39 Plymouth. I loved that car and have owned several since.
After we all settled in Roseburg mom found a doctor, a chiropractor who took her in and sat with her and worked with her to get her off the many prescription drugs she was on and got her stronger and able to feel good again. It was a long hard road for mom but she did recover from the many issues.
To this day I have a love and appreciation for chiropractors. This same doctor diagnosed me with rheumatic fever when I was seven, something the medical doctors mom took me to couldn't tell what was wrong.

And I will always love the 39 Plymouth, I wish I had this very one today. That is my aunt Dorothy sitting one the back bumper.

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Message thread:

Here is one of my car stories that I still remember and treasure, by Dick Johnson #48372
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