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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Tuesday July 28, 2020 at 11:21 PM
The Oldsmobile Limited, 1910-1913 (pics)
1912 Oldsmobile Limited

The Oldsmobile Limited Touring was available from 1910 through 1912 and was given its name after it beat a train that traveled from Albany to New York. The name of the train was the '20th Century Limited.' In 1910, the catalog that announced its arrival state: 'such a car cannot be produced rapidly, therefore a limited quantity can be built.'

The Olds Limited was based on the Model Z and rested on the same 130-inch wheelbase but on larger 42-inch wheels. The engine, formed by three sets of two cylinders, initially displaced 505 cubic-inches and delivered 60 horsepower. It later grew to 707 cubic-inches and 60 hp the following year when the wheelbase was stretched to 138 inches. The four-speed manual gearbox sent power to the rear wheels.
The Limited Touring was a luxury vehicle that was available in four body styles and carried a price tag of around $5000. The production of a luxury car by Olds was a shocking move to many, as the Oldsmobile Company had recently been taken over by General Motors. Oldsmobile had excelled in the past at building one-cylinder vehicles so a move into the competitive luxury car segment was a gamble. Luckily it paid off but only for a short period of time. After 1912 the company went back to producing smaller models.

For 1911, the prices ranged from $5,000 for open models to $7,000 for the limousine. A new four-passenger 'Tourabout' joined the open cars.

You may have noticed that, with these large wheels, the running boards have two steps for ease of entry on some models. This is an historically interesting car that I wish could be produced in my favorite scale, 1:43.

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